Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lab D

This past Monday I completed the teaching portion of lab D with my final yoga lesson. For this lesson technology was incorporated through the use of a Youtube video displaying different partner yoga positions. Although the display was smaller than I would have liked the students were able to get the idea of the poses from the picture. Also, the sound it the big gym was lower than I would have liked so I wound up repeating what was said on the video. From this experience I learned that technology should be rehearsed and back-ups should be around to fall on if problems exist.
At the beginning of the lesson students were given different task cards with various yoga postures on each and played a game of tag utilizing these cards as instant activity. These cards were used to show students other poses that we may not necessarily get to go over and later were used to split the class into partners. The dividing of the class using these cards with partnered postured made the transition to the next activity easy and free from confusion. The problem I did encounter however, was an uneven number of students leaving one alone. As a result I worked with this student as much as possible but had trouble being ass attentive as I would have liked.
Overall the lesson went as planned, but I forgot to mention the cues for the partner poses and therefore had trouble checking for understanding at the close of my lesson. Next time I will have to print a paper to carry with cues and reminders for my lesson as forgetting important aspects seems to happen often when I teach.
As with the past lesson I have included my Feedback Analysis Form that shows how the feeback given in this lab is not much different than the last, and I can definately give the students way more feedback related to the focus of the lesson. The Lesson Plan was definately an improvement over the last one, yet somehow I to add my name! The Time Coding Form shows a definate improvement in how my time was used by increasing my activity time. The transcript shows an improvement also. I sound much more comfortable teaching the lesson, yet I still need to work on decreasing the number of "alrights" used in starting my sentences. In all this lesson was an improvement to the last and I hope to see further improvement.

For the end of Lab D all materials were put together from Lab C to create a packet on the country and unit taught. To find more out about my Yoga Unit and China see the Yoga A, Yoga B, and Yoga C componants of the packet.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scavenger Hunt.. ARRR!!!

In class on Monday we participated in a scavenger hunt as explorers. Each team represented a different explorer, ours being Ponce de Leon. The activity was very engaging and had very specific goals, and the things we were looking for were rather entertaining to search for. My favorite part of the activity was the use of the cell phones to direct us to our next target rather than just paper because it was something new that I had never seen or done before. I could definately see myself using this technology in a lesson because today many students have cell phones and this gives them a reason to use it in class for reasons they never knew existed. The entire scavenger hunt was lots of fun, and I have not participated in one since I was very young so the hunt brought back fond memories and a feeling of being young again.

The use of interdiciplinary teaching in physical education is a very effective way to engage students in the lesson. In this lesson the use of explorers, which is what I am actually learning about in my current history class, was a great way to help me remember their names and where they were from. This teaching method is not only beneficial to to the students in the lesson, but also to the profession as it helps add another cognitive aspect to the lessons.

Overall this lesson kept me moving from place to place with the group. The use of the cell phones for the next item was engaging and kept me interested in what was going to be next. By reviewing my heart rate data it is clear to see that I spent a great deal of time moving. I was oat my target heart rate zone for 43% of the lesson, but I attribute this to the time spent learning about the explorers during the interdiciplinary aspect of the lesson because my step count was higher after this lesson than it is many others that I have participated in.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yoga Lab C

For the second yoga lesson I decided to try something new that involved group work and peer assessment. Students were grouped and given cards with different yoga poses and after learning them individually, they taught another group their pose. Overall I saw that this lesson was more effective than the first. Whether it was the interactiveness of the students or the teaching eachother the poses rather than just watching me as the teacher, the lesson seemed to be more interesting for the students. The lesson concluded with the entire group getting together to do the progression successively performing the cat pose, camel pose, and downward facing dog.
Next lesson I may find it more beneficial to organize the transitions of the groups from one to another in a more organized fashion. Furthermore, more upbeat music may also help the group become motivated than the slow music I had chosen. For this lesson I have included my time coding form, which displays what part of the lesson has been utilized for management, instruction, waiting, and activity. Overall 55% of the lesson was devoted to activity while the other half was split beteen management and instruction. Although I was happy not to have any waiting time, I do wish that less time was spent in management time.Also included is my feedback analysis form, showing who received feedback and whether or not it was general, specific, positive, or congruent. Overall my feedback was specific, yet more feedback could definately have been given to the students. By listening to the Lab C Transcript I realized my voice is a bit shakey and I could give a lot more feedback, as there were times when I was just walking around silently.