Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scavenger Hunt.. ARRR!!!

In class on Monday we participated in a scavenger hunt as explorers. Each team represented a different explorer, ours being Ponce de Leon. The activity was very engaging and had very specific goals, and the things we were looking for were rather entertaining to search for. My favorite part of the activity was the use of the cell phones to direct us to our next target rather than just paper because it was something new that I had never seen or done before. I could definately see myself using this technology in a lesson because today many students have cell phones and this gives them a reason to use it in class for reasons they never knew existed. The entire scavenger hunt was lots of fun, and I have not participated in one since I was very young so the hunt brought back fond memories and a feeling of being young again.

The use of interdiciplinary teaching in physical education is a very effective way to engage students in the lesson. In this lesson the use of explorers, which is what I am actually learning about in my current history class, was a great way to help me remember their names and where they were from. This teaching method is not only beneficial to to the students in the lesson, but also to the profession as it helps add another cognitive aspect to the lessons.

Overall this lesson kept me moving from place to place with the group. The use of the cell phones for the next item was engaging and kept me interested in what was going to be next. By reviewing my heart rate data it is clear to see that I spent a great deal of time moving. I was oat my target heart rate zone for 43% of the lesson, but I attribute this to the time spent learning about the explorers during the interdiciplinary aspect of the lesson because my step count was higher after this lesson than it is many others that I have participated in.

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