Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yoga Lab C

For the second yoga lesson I decided to try something new that involved group work and peer assessment. Students were grouped and given cards with different yoga poses and after learning them individually, they taught another group their pose. Overall I saw that this lesson was more effective than the first. Whether it was the interactiveness of the students or the teaching eachother the poses rather than just watching me as the teacher, the lesson seemed to be more interesting for the students. The lesson concluded with the entire group getting together to do the progression successively performing the cat pose, camel pose, and downward facing dog.
Next lesson I may find it more beneficial to organize the transitions of the groups from one to another in a more organized fashion. Furthermore, more upbeat music may also help the group become motivated than the slow music I had chosen. For this lesson I have included my time coding form, which displays what part of the lesson has been utilized for management, instruction, waiting, and activity. Overall 55% of the lesson was devoted to activity while the other half was split beteen management and instruction. Although I was happy not to have any waiting time, I do wish that less time was spent in management time.Also included is my feedback analysis form, showing who received feedback and whether or not it was general, specific, positive, or congruent. Overall my feedback was specific, yet more feedback could definately have been given to the students. By listening to the Lab C Transcript I realized my voice is a bit shakey and I could give a lot more feedback, as there were times when I was just walking around silently.

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